With the current manifestation technology has had on our world today, people are looking for ways to save up more money and how to use it most effectively. As the wave is heading towards more digital integration towards the functionality of our businesses, it has perpetually led to constant change and more adaptation of key operational innovations in our businesses.

Now that technological impact such as, Artificial Intelligence, is the new cherry on top, businesses have been forced to adapt to the current market situation or else they will be eaten by the system. Process Automation is the now the best avant-garde of the business world. It incorporates automating the daily tasks done by humans in business.

These daily, simple tasks include copying and pasting data from one file or system to another, verifying and clicking links, logging in to various websites and apps, and organizing data between different applications, are what have led to the innovation of Process Automation. There are many employees, probably in their millions, who perform these simple tasks day in and day out that process automation can easily handle within a click of a button.

Process Automation can be applied for the automation of rules-based tasks where structured data and clear predefined rules and parameters are used. Solutions are easily designed, tested and implemented to continue running the business in a more functional way.

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Advantages of Process Automation

Process automation provides a great way for businesses to continually adapt in a changing technological environment and address the challenges that it brings forth. Work areas are burdened with repetitive and time-consuming processes but most business want reduced costs, improved delivery and uninterrupted consistent quality.

That is where process automation comes in to save the day. Most importantly, it helps businesses figure out how business processes and solutions are delivered and managed. Here are two basic advantages process automation has a significant impact on:

Reducing High Human Cost
Businesses aim at reducing as much cost as possible. With billions of dollars being spent on wages and salaries as business expenses to pay for the human labor responsible for these simple tasks, process automation can cut down on those costs. The system does not need to be paid any salary or weekly wages and neither does it need allowances like human beings. This makes it very cost effective. The money which the organization would have used as payroll, forms part of the profit. Therefore, the organization reduces its cost of production by a high percentage as process automation will replace the need of human labor and thus making it cheap for the organization to operate. The only expenses comes when there needs to be an acquisition for new machinery that can be compatible with the latest system that has been updated, and their maintenance costs.
Lack of Human Error
Computer systems have a resource advantage over human beings and it is that they do not get exhausted. With a few maintenance measures, as opposed to human labor, computer systems can work for as long as you want them to without getting fatigued. Human being often make errors because of exhaustion and boredom. Despite having to do the same task and almost perfecting the craft, humans still get bored easily and are prone to making errors due to lack of innovation. Computer systems are more perfect in the sense that they aren’t governed by the laws of labor concerning working hours as opposed to the human beings who will only work for eight hours per day and any hour above that will be paid as overtime. When you are given the task of logging into a website multiple times in a day, say copy and pasting links and data, clicking the same buttons day in and day out, the chances of committing error is quite high. And once error ratio becomes high, more employees are hired to counter and filter that stage.

Applications of Process Automation

Process Automation grants businesses advisors, human resource teams and judgment-based role staff to allow them have time to spend on the business sector that are more client-oriented and not technical formation. Humans and machines need each other to steward businesses into the right direction.

Tomorrow’s leading enterprises will be those that know how to integrate humans and machines together effectively. Process Automation has been applied in a number of principles in business. For example;

SMEs/Small Businesses
Small enterprises can deal a lot better having reduced human labor force. Reducing expenses such as getting rid of back office operations, data entry clerks, cashiers and the like, can reduce the payroll costs and preserve more of the ROI and increased savings.
Accounting Process Automation
This processing system will enable one to easily account for their finances. It will be able to save all your data and avail it at any time you wish it does. It’s the best alternative to human beings who are given the mandate to check for invoices, payments, bank logins and various accounting processes.
Real Estate
The Residential Mortgage Loan Initiation cuts down the human workforce that was previously being used for the purpose of loan application on-site. Now that is a thing of the past as Process Automation cuts down the time and resources it takes to complete the process.
This process gives the platform to create a new loan in a Loan Origination System (LOS), ordering services and validating key information. The people taking this process had encountered challenges such as heavy data input and system runtime, multiple third-party orders to external systems using existing data resulting in double entry and possible interruptions at the processing level.


Process Automation will drive operational efficiencies, create costs savings, transforming customer outcomes, reducing business risks and optimizing existing processes and systems. Get in touch and tell us about the process you would like to automate.

Every detail you can give us would be great to able us give you the best proposal. Our team will study in deep and will let you know if it is feasible, and all the details related to the app development, including a quote and an estimated time to get it done.

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