About Scrapemation

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Scrapemation was started out of ambition for success. When you have 15 years of experience in the field of IT as a system Engineer, you gain so much knowledge to enable you stretch out your own wings and fly. Having worked full-time in a government institution and gathered all the ins and outs of Information Systems, you get an insight of how far you can make Information Systems better and take it to the next level.

Our company was brought up out of the foundations of networking and service delivery. Since then till now, freelancers from all over the globe interact with the main purpose of service valuation. One party provides a certain service while the other pays for the service in return.

Due to the internet’s incredible way of elevating globalization to what it is has become right now, it has helped technology transform to accommodate better service delivery, which is through automation. The next frontier of technology and where the world is headed to, is everything automatic.

From Artificial Intelligence, to 3D metal printing, to artificial embryos, dueling neutral networks, crypto-currency, metal quantum leaps and more, technology is going to be all about automation and instant service delivery. At least that is where it is all heading to.

Out of all the data collected and assessed from the Freelancer’s platform, our company’s foundations grew out of the objective of achieving easier and instant Information Systems. With our software, people are now able to access a plethora of information by just the click of a button. Instead of having to do anything, let the machine do all the research and work for all your tasks.

Well, you can say as humans we are automatically lazy beings, but with such a system that gives you quality, instant and automated service, why pass on it? Scrapemation is highly skilled and empowered in web scrapping and Process Automation. Our services will provide business solutions to your firm by easing the time and process it takes to extract relevant and reliable data from different websites.

Our Team

Our organization has the best team you can count on when it comes to service delivery. We work together to ensure our clients are fully satisfied with the services we offer. Most importantly, we work on improving and integrating the systems for better transition with other technological breakthroughs. Our main focus is to offer you state-of-the-art web scrapping and process automation tools to access requisite data.