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We will give you web data accurately, at a very convenient price.

Scrapemation is a platform to provide you with your data needs. We plan, design and develop Web Scraping processes for that.


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Would like specific niche data?
Just give us the source of your data needs.
We'll evaluate and prepare everything to give you what you're looking for.
You don't have to do anything else; no hardware needed, no software, leave that to us an wait for the data.
Searching for automate your manual tasks?
Tell us how does your manual process is performed.
We could build a whole software solution to automate it.
Save $$$. Take a coffee while your computer works for you.

Turn website(s) into useful data

We offer scraping in all types of domains like

Information Technology.
Real Estate data scraping.
Pricing & competitive data.
E commerce website scraping.
Financial & market data
Auto Mobile Industry data scraping
News and content aggregation
Search engine data scraping
and others....ask us

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